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Travel is SWELL is one of the internet’s best source for the best luxury adults-only resorts and the best all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico. As an adult vacation specialist, we have gained a reputation for our expertise and knowledge of the worlds best luxury adults-only resorts and all-inclusive resort brands which include Sandals Resorts, Couples Resorts, Excellence Resorts, Secrets Resorts and many others. We offer the best of both worlds – the competitive rates that you expect from the other large industry leaders, combined with an unparalleled dedication to personalized travel service. Call us at 1-888-963-8986 or 1-559-207-0545 today!

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Adult Resort Styles and Types


Adults-only Resorts – Most adults-only resorts are well suited for couples as well as single adults, and to a certain degree, families with older teenagers. Most adults-only resorts define adults as age 18 and up; others start at 16. Resorts like Unico 20.87., Excellence Resorts, and Karisma Hotels fall into this category. The most important aspect about our adults-only resorts, and all-inclusive resorts is that they are all green certified, environmentally friendly, and offers spa and wellness programs for their guests.  See our list of adults-only resorts…..


Adult-oriented Resorts – Adult-oriented resorts cater to everyone – families, couples and singles, and offers adult-oriented theme. (Minimum age is 12 or 13 depending on the resort).  See our list of adults-only resorts…..


Clothing-optional Resorts – Most beach resorts, especially in the Caribbean and Mexico offers clothing optional resorts – although clothing is required in most areas of the resort. These are not the same as a nudist resort where nudity is the order of the day throughout the entire resort. Properties such as Cancun’s Desire Resort and Hidden Beach Resort offers excellent clothing optional beaches, clothing-optional Jacuzzi and swimming pools.


Couples-only Resorts – This type of resort allows only couples – no singles or adult families. The popular Sandals resorts and Couples Resorts fall into this category. Our top couples-only resorts include Couples Negril, Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Rendezvous St. Lucia, and Sun Palace Resort in Cancun. We invite you to search and book one of our popular couples-only resorts for your honeymoon, wedding moon, or a romantic getaway.


Spa and Wellness Resorts – You’ll find spas in all shapes and sizes – at a mountain top retreat, in the heart of the city, on a tropical island, in a desert oasis or in the serene countryside. What they have in common is they all specialize in wellness. To one degree or another, each addresses physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Some have distinct specialties while others can tailor your stay for your preferences.   See our list of adults-only resorts…..


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If that blissful, relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming about just can’t be achieved with kids on the scene, then don’t worry, Travel is SWELL is proud to offer an extensive range of adults-only vacations that are strictly child-free. We’ve taken the very best adults-only resorts, lifestyle hotels and lifestyle resorts and created our exclusive Adults-only Vacation Collection. Here you’ll find an array of fine adults-only resorts, all-inclusive resorts, lifestyle hotels and resorts located on spectacular beaches or urban areas in popular destinations that define the standard for our adults-only vacations.


What truly sets our Adults-only Vacation Collection apart is that our hotels and resorts are recommended by our staff and past customers. Our Adults-only Vacation Collection contains hotels and resorts most often recommended as being “ideal for adult vacation experiences,” all of which had to achieve an overall approval rating above 85% to have been chosen for our list. Experience adult-only paradise designed with you in mind exclusively from the Travel Designers of Travel is SWELL!

Our Adults-Only Hotels & Resorts Offer:

  • Stylish a la carte restaurants.
  • Extensive spa facilities and options.
  • An array of wellness options.
  • Highly recommended by past travelers.
  • A wide selection of room types and locations.
  • Relaxed evening entertainment.
  • Great social gatherings.
  • Great things to see and do.



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